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The scent of Zen

behind a quiet life of

Bamboo​ Artist

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Shikunitei is located in Shiraki, Oita City, near Beppu Bay.

Living National Treasure Shounsai Shono and Tokuzo Shono, two generations of bamboo artists

We spin the culmination of the beauty we have built and our daily lives.


​ Ko Watanabe



書籍『此君亭好日』| 発売のお知らせ







2024年4月17日付 書店様向けご案内












2024年5月13日付 書店様向けご案内



What is Shikunitei?


A world built by a bamboo craftsman

Shiraki, Oita City is located at the foot of Mt. Futaba, where the Kusuhara Hachimangu Shrine of Bungo Ichinomiya is enshrined. The single road that runs through the village still extends to Kusuharagu Shrine, and the whole area is enveloped in a quiet atmosphere.

Shikunitei is located in a corner of such a village.


Shikunitei was founded by Shounsai Shono, a bamboo craftsman, who set up a simple studio in Shiraki before the war. In parallel with the establishment of the position of the two bamboo craftsmen, Shikunitei also gradually changed its form over the years to reach its present form. Like the many bamboo art works that have been created over the past 80 years, the home and studio named Shikunitei is the culmination of beauty built by two generations of bamboo artists.

The beauty of Shikunitei

The beauty of SHIKUNTEI

​stones and flowers

The stone wall in the center of Shikunitei's garden is the trace of a terraced rice field built by an unnamed predecessor who once lived here. The act of preserving the breath of our predecessors as it is reflects the respect for the story of this land, and the act of entrusting a part of the landscape of the garden of one's own house to something is called "soft type", which is a part of Japanese culture. The features overlap. In addition, "Niwaya Ichijo", in which the building and the trees in the garden are united with the foot of the mountain, and "Ikebana", which incorporates familiar flowers and birds and the beauty of nature, are arranged in the alcove to gently welcome visitors.

Static stones and dynamic flowers. I feel that these two elements are the foundation of the beauty that runs through Shikunitei.

update information


January 10, 2024 "Kokunitei Good Day" special site latest information

​ Konokunitei is the private residence of a bamboo craftsman and his wife in Oita Prefecture.
I'm editing a book "Konokunitei Kojitsu / Shikuntei Kojitsu" that summarizes the fragments of those days.

I will write the update information until the publication and the world of Konokunitei.


2022.10.10 Konokunitei Prequel has been updated.


​This is a re-edited review of "Shounsai and Shikuntei" which is being serialized monthly in the Oita Godo Shimbun.

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Days leading up to the publication of Shikunitei Konichi

The four seasons of "Kokokunitei". The daily life of Mr. and Mrs. Shono.
We will update the impressive moments captured during the time of editing the book "Konokunitei Konichi".


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Murasakino, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Shimomonzencho 66-8

​Gekkosha Co., Ltd.


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​​ Contact: Watanabe

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